“Am I Willing to Feel Stupid?”

Groundbreaking marketing campaigns are not typically the result of some isolated creative insight, but of trial and error, failed experiments, and the willingness to be wrong. Solving real marketing problems (the difficult ones that matter) requires that we embrace uncertainty. The catch is that not knowing the right answer feels really, really bad. Continue reading ““Am I Willing to Feel Stupid?””

Drowning in Shallow Data

There’s no shortage of digital marketing metrics to choose from. Google Analytics alone has 150. Facebook export has 70 columns-worth, and Twitter export has 40 columns.

As we’ve adopted new tools to help us make better decisions, we may have lost sight of the relationship between the data and the reality we’re trying to understand. Is it possible that we’re making important decisions based on numbers that don’t actually mean all that much? Continue reading “Drowning in Shallow Data”

Creative Safety

The point of suspending judgement during a brainstorming session is not quantity for its own sake. It’s to use quantity as a tool to help overcome our blind spots and override the judgmental, linear left-brain thinking that limits our options. We’re wired to find a solution quickly so that we can move on to the next challenge. The problem is that the first solution will tend to be the least innovative. Continue reading “Creative Safety”

Quick Wins — Delivering Measurable Results in Your New Marketing Role

The pressure to deliver measurable results can quickly turn the excitement of a new marketing leadership role into overwhelming panic. You feel like you have to prove yourself at every turn, knowing that your performance during the first six months will directly impact your future.

Where do you even begin? Continue reading “Quick Wins — Delivering Measurable Results in Your New Marketing Role”

Why All B2B Buying Decisions are Emotional

© Nevit Dilmen

Mention “emotion” and “B2B marketing” in the same sentence often enough, and you’ll eventually provoke an ironically passionate counterargument about buyers preferring to “reach their decision based on logic, rational thinking, and business value.” Just the facts, thank you very much. B2B decision-makers are serious people with serious problems investing serious amounts of money. A major investment decision is no time for emotional whims. Continue reading “Why All B2B Buying Decisions are Emotional”