Why All B2B Buying Decisions are Emotional

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Mention “emotion” and “B2B marketing” in the same sentence often enough, and you’ll eventually provoke an ironically passionate counterargument about buyers preferring to “reach their decision based on logic, rational thinking, and business value.” Just the facts, thank you very much. B2B decision-makers are serious people with serious problems investing serious amounts of money. A major investment decision is no time for emotional whims. Continue reading “Why All B2B Buying Decisions are Emotional”

Attract More B2B Leads With Your YouTube Videos

It’s frustrating to spend time and money producing a great video, only to have it sit unwatched on your YouTube channel. If you’re looking for ways to get your YouTube videos in front of more prospects, here’s an idea for a cost-effective, targeted, and easily measurable lead generation campaign using Google Ads and your existing video content.

Continue reading “Attract More B2B Leads With Your YouTube Videos”

Part 2: Scarcity and the Art of Persuasion

What is it about great content marketing that makes it so persuasive? What’s the difference between the content that truly resonates with prospects and helps motivate them to become customers, and all the rest that they simply ignore?

Robert Cialdini’s classic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, details the unconscious motivators — reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus — that drive human behavior, including why we respond to (or ignore) marketing.

In part 1, we explored how the principle of reciprocity can help make your content marketing more persuasive. This video will look at how understanding the principle of scarcity can also increase the effectiveness of your content marketing. Continue reading “Part 2: Scarcity and the Art of Persuasion”

Copywriting Troubleshooter: Are You Focusing On Your Audience…Or Your Company?

Focus on the customer.

Obvious in theory, but not always common practice. Browse through a handful of random corporate websites and you’ll see recurring themes like “why we’re the best” and “what makes us different.” Even when the customer is mentioned, it’s often in a way that’s little more than puffery: “we’re customer-focused” or “we’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve (insert vague outcome).” Continue reading “Copywriting Troubleshooter: Are You Focusing On Your Audience…Or Your Company?”