I was introduced to Marcus Schaller via a cold-call. He caught me in a moment of weakness, I was desperate for some copywriting, and he was available to help. The first engagement was small; I was impressed with how quickly Marcus picked up the nuances of my complicated business. He jumped right in, asked good questions, and delivered a great final product earlier than expected. Since that first engagement, I’ve worked with Marcus on a number of projects. He has a keen sense for getting to the heart of my requests, identifying salient points, and delivering a thoughtful end product. Marcus has made me a better marketer and raised the bar on the quality of what I, and my team, produce.

Ryan Zilker, Director, Marketing, Western Growers

College of The Albemarle (COA) — a four-campus community college in northeastern North Carolina — began a rebranding campaign in the fall of 2015. In June 2016, we launched our new website with the help of writer and editor, Marcus Schaller.

We reached out to Marcus with the hope that he might join us in our three-month project of revising more than two hundred pages of web content. Due to COA’s diverse audience, we needed a writer who excelled in creating a consistent tone and in organizing text for usability, plus who understood the importance of optimizing content for search engines and users.

Marcus also helped us write meta descriptions for our web pages and images in WordPress and improved our in-house style guide.

Marcus exceeded our expectations in the quality of his writing, his responsiveness during the project, and his ability to meet deadlines. He is both highly professional and a joy to work with.

Lisa Johnson, Executive Director, Foundation and Development, College of The Albemarle

Marcus works with each client to thoroughly understand the industry, challenges, and goals of the project. He is able to present powerful, persuasive marketing copy with clarity.

Ellen Bonanno, Director, Marketing, ASIS International

After over 27 years in a business built on referrals, I’m seeing how quickly the Internet and content marketing is changing the face of real estate brokerage. Marcus has helped me build my online presence beyond the obligatory website, incorporating video, newsletters and other marketing content. Projects are presented in a way that helps me easily understand my options, and final work is always delivered on schedule. My business now has the best of both worlds— my extensive referral network AND the up-to-date, relevant content that new clients are looking for.

Dallas Croft, ERA Oakcrest Realty

Marcus is a gifted marketer. Because he has many years experience as both an online and offline marketer, he produces great content in the form of blog posts, webinars, and videos designed to share his marketing knowledge with others. His content is always thorough and helpful. If you want to improve your marketing efforts I definitely recommend working with Marcus.

Kimberlee Wilkes, Social Media Consultant, Wilkes Business Solutions

I read Marcus’s blog (B2BforHumans) regularly. Every time I feel inspired to create the same type of engaging content that he does in his own work. His blog is a great combination of useful information and unique insights into content marketing, with a clear personality. Marcus recognizes the challenges in creating consistent and high-quality content, yet seems to simultaneously overcome this challenge and inspire his readers – including me.

Sarah Markels Maynard, Manager of Social Media Marketing, SmartDraw Software

Marcus presented at ASTD Orange County and demonstrated mastery of his topic, engaged the audience, and showed his commitment to meet his audience’s needs. Marcus differentiated himself from the moment he committed to being a presenter. We spoke prior to the session and he asked insightful questions. His presentation demonstrated that he took the information to heart. I walked away from the presentation with actionable ideas and a new perspective on how I’ll meet the needs of my audience in my training design and presentations. If you’re looking to engage your audience and create compelling content, Marcus should be at the top of your list.

Rhonda Askeland, Performance Strategist at Top Talent Builders

My business partner Amy & I were blown away by Marcus’s seminar. The time we spent looking at our business from the outside in and focusing on what problem we solve for our members has been priceless. While we are still working on our “offers”, we got immediate results. At a networking event, our message (a work in progress) had business people saying “Yes, I want that.” We can’t wait for the follow-up coaching. It will be like we have an unfair advantage.

Terry Hall, RBN (Relationship Building Network) San Diego

Marcus’s workshop was a fabulous investment. Marcus takes common sense knowledge and boils it down into a brilliantly simple system. I now have the tools to implement, in a logical fashion, the lead generation campaign that I have wanted for years. Thank you!

Mindy Selinger, Link System Trainer, TheLinkSystem.com

Marcus, and The Lead Ladder, helped me focus my business development strategy and execution into a powerful, repeatable and highly adaptable process. I very strongly recommend this book, and its author, to anyone who markets or sells a professional service.

Jack H. Cage, Senior Client Partner, Technology Markets, Korn/Ferry International

Attending a recent workshop really opened my eyes to a number of business related opportunities that I had been completely overlooking. I have often heard that it is often the most basic and fundamental of new concepts that help you truly move forward. Marcus brought up things that were strikingly obvious, but in my haste to build a business had for one reason or another overlooked. I run a top-notch web and graphic design firm. We can produce great designs day in and day out, but ask us how to get business in the door, how to find strong leads and we suddenly go blank. Marcus showed us how to market ourselves from a different angle to help us snag the clients that we really want to work with. I now feel like my business landscape is rich with prospective clients.

Allen Arber, President, Roughhouse Design, Inc.

Marcus wrote one e-mail which I sent to 500 contacts. Within a couple of months, I was able to close over $5,000 in immediate business from that one mailing. That’s almost 10X my investment in the whole campaign!

Craig James, Sales Trainer, Sales Solutions

What seemed an insurmountable task was made easy in Marcus’s hands. By listening carefully and asking me clarifying questions, he understood who I was and what I wanted to say. He transformed all my many words into a clear, crisp message. Marcus ‘got’ what I was looking for and provided the language I needed. I highly recommend making use of his skills for all your written material.

Jonna Knudsen, Jonna Knudsen Coaching, Inc.

In a competitive industry like commercial real estate brokerage, getting prospects to respond to direct mail can be very challenging. Marcus created a highly customer focused, consultative campaign that fit our firm’s style perfectly and returned a 2% response.

Peter Valleau, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Asset Growth Properties

Marcus simplifies the task at hand with powerful and effective copy that gets great results. His enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional approach makes working with him an instantly enjoyable solution…with a fantastic outcome!

Kate Johnson-Page, Co-founder, ArtistsForYou.Com

Marcus’s enthusiasm, patience and previous experience helped us to simplify our marketing projects and create effective articles and lead generation letters.

Kristen Sheehan, Manager of Business Relations, New York Citywide School to Work Alliance

As an entrepreneur, I found Marcus’s lead generation workshop essential to pursuing a path of success! His workshop provided the special one-on-one attention that my company and industry needed. Thanks to Marcus, I now have the tools necessary to lay the foundation for success in all my future marketing and sales campaigns.

Michelle Matos, FX International Group, Inc.

I would like to thank you very much for your work and all of your help with my website and e-mails. You not only find just the right words to describe my business, but always give me excellent advice on how I can improve my marketing. Most importantly, you take the time to listen to me and understand my business; in addition to delivering great copy. I really appreciate your work and definitely notice the difference it has made to the number of leads I receive.

Biba Pedron, Biba4Network