Clear, Persuasive, and Obsessively Customer-Focused B2B Copywriting

In an age of information overload and microscopic attention spans, less is more. To attract today’s overwhelmed B2B prospects, your message must be clear, concise, and all about them. Bloated, self-serving marketing speak only adds to the noise.

The challenge is choosing what to focus that message on. Your products and services may have many potential selling points, but you only have a few precious seconds of a prospect’s attention to get those points across. To cut through, every message needs to feature the right value proposition for each target audience.

I specialize in identifying and refining your most relevant selling points, then writing targeted lead generation campaigns, website landing pages, and marketing content that increase response rates by focusing on the specific benefits your prospects care about most.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with B2B clients across a wide variety of industries, including SaaS, training, and trade association. I’ve also contributed articles to industry-leading marketing websites like and, and I’m the author of The Lead Ladder – Turn Strangers into Clients, One Step at a Time (McGraw-Hill, 2006).

Recent clients include:

My Process

Initial consultation and proposal

Our first step is to arrange a brief phone consultation to discuss your project, timeframe, and goals.

Source material review

Once we both decide to move forward, I’ll review your source material and share additional questions as needed in order to get a clear understanding of the project.

Creative strategy

To help ensure that my creative strategy is on target, I’ll deliver a summary outlining my intended approach, providing you the opportunity to review the project’s core elements and make adjustments if needed.

Working drafts and revisions

Once the creative strategy is approved, I’ll write and deliver the first working draft for your review, make revisions as needed based on your feedback, and then provide you with a final draft.

What’s the Next Step?

To arrange a time to discuss your project, please call 424-237-4339 or email me at with a description of your campaign and target deadline.